Chossing the perfect blog niche

How To Choose The Best Niche For Your Blog

So you want to start a blog, but you don’t know what to write about?

Don’t worry!

You must understand that choosing a blog niche is one of the hardest parts of starting a blog.

Everyone wants to pick the perfect niche before they start writing.

When I was still getting started, I spent a lot time thinking about my blog niche too.

I want it to be sustainable, scalable, and most importantly…profitable.

So picking my blog niche is like picking the type of business I wanna be in.

That is why I decided to write this post.

To help newbie bloggers think and choose the perfect blog niche for them.

For hours of thinking and looking back how I picked my niche…I created this formula.

A simple formula that you can follow right now to help you succeed in blogging.

But before we dive in to it, you must first understand what really is a blog niche, and why do we need to choose one.

What Is A Blog Niche

A niche is a specific and well defined group of people that has its own specific needs, requirements, and interests.

So a blog niche is a particular topic you’ll write in your blog.

Examples of blog niches are: topic for coffee lovers, basketball enthusiasts, and for digital marketers, etc.

Therefore, your brand is predicated on a particular group of people.

If you choose a blog niche, your contents will be direct to a particular niche market—compared to just writing scattered content.

Why Do You Need To Choose A Niche?

You may be thinking…can I just write what I want to write?

After all, that’s the purpose of blogging, isn’t it?

To share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world.

Well, you’re right.

In fact, there’s no blogging policy that we should be sticking to a niche.

The main reason, really, is much tied down to building your audience. Which is, in my opinion, one of the most important piece of blogging.

It is much easier to build an audience if you choose a niche.

To become a successful blogger, you need to pick a topic of interest.

If you stick to one topic, you can guarantee that people who are interested in one of your posts will have a high chance of being interested in all of your other content, as well.

In this case, you are building an authority on that particular topic, and eventually you’ll be known as an expert on it. Thus, making it easier for you to grow your followers.

The Formula In Choosing The Perfect Blogging Niche

The most important thing about choosing you niche is that you should spend a lot of time in research about it. A lot of people want to get started right away and they really get excited so they don’t spend much time on it.

In my opinion, the perfect niche is an intersection of passion, knowledge, and profit.

Choosing the perfect blog niche

1. Things that you love

It’s important that you write the things that you enjoy talking about.

Bloggers should write about what they love, not just what is making money for them.

Most people give up blogging after a couple of months because they often lose interest in it

If you are not interested on the subject then you’ll not gonna be able to stick with it. Other people just pick whatever topic they want without thinking about the sustainability of it.

2. Things that you’re knowledgeable about

Now if you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything about it.

For example, I love doing marketing and sales, but there are still certain aspect about it that I’m not proficient with.

You shouldn’t be writing things that you don’t know.

So, make sure you do a thorough research before you start writing.

3. Niche that is profitable

Let’s face it.

Everyone wants to earn money blogging. That might not be your initial goal, but eventually, you would want to monetize it.

Therefore, make sure that you’re niche is profitable.

Profitable means people are willing to spend money on that niche.

You may be thinking, people spend money to all kinds of different niches. That’s right. But there are few niches that you may not be able to monetize at all.

What you want look for to see if there’s money to be made in the niche, are things like advertisers.

Look for advertisements in social media, magazines, or even newspapers. If you can see that people spend money for advertising in that niche, then there’s certainly money to be made in it.

Secret To Success In Identifying Your Niche

A lot of people try to go too broad when they are starting out. The problem is that it’s too competitive. You’re gonna be competing with huge businesses and influencers that have a lot of money and already have built an authority.

It’s harder to gain audience and be recognize in that niche. Not to mention, it would be difficult for you to rank in search engines.

You want to narrow it down, but also making sure that you still have large enough market to work with.

Let say, your chosen niche is health and fitness. This is where your passion and interest lies, you’re so knowledgeable about this topic, and there’s certainly hell of a lot of money to be made in this niche. A perfect intersection of the 3.

But the problem is, it’s very saturated and competitive!

Weight loss for busy moms could be a better niche than health and fitness. The idea is you need to dig deeper, at least two levels, in order to be in a less competitive niche.

how to choose a niche

Wrapping Up

Remember, your niche must be an intersection of these 3: passion, knowledge, and profit.

It must also be less competitive.

No matter what niche you choose, don’t forget to fall in love with your audience. Connect and talk to them more often. Provide value by producing lots of quality contents consistently. After all, your blog is nothing without an audience to read.

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Also, please do me a favor and hit that like button below. Happy blogging!

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