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7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools | Increase Your Website Traffic

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Interested on increasing your website traffic? If you are still a novice in SEO, I recommend reading first my beginner’s guide on WordPress SEO, and come back here to learn the other tools you can use to improve your website’s organic traffic.

WordPress SEO or SEO in general is a very complex aspect of internet marketing. Thus, you need to have the right set of tools to maximize your SEO efforts.

In this article, I will share 7 best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools, that I personally use, to help you increase your website traffic.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

1. Yoast SEO

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This plugin is by far the most complete SEO solution that is available for WordPress.

WordPress is extremely well-created and structured, which is why many call it SEO friendly. But the real SEO benefit from most sites comes from the Yoast SEO plugin.

Unlike most other plugins, this plugin is way more than simple meta tag additions. Yoast SEO allows you to add a title, description, and focus keyword to to every blog post and page. It shows you a Google search result snippet preview, so you can see exactly how your content will look when someone search for it in Google.

It has also the ability to verify Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools. As I said, this is the most comprehensive WordPress SEO plugin with many built-in tools and features.

2. MonsterInsights

monster insights

MonsterInsights is the best and most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes it easier for you to connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics, so you can start making data-driven decisions to grow your business.

MonsterInsights shows you which country your visitors are from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, etc.

This plugin shows you exactly how people find your website, which keywords did they search for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and more. It shows you exactly which content gets the most visit, so you can analyze and optimize it for higher conversions.

You don’t need to sign in to your Google Analytics account every time you need to view your website’s traffic. With MonsterInsights, all reports are in your WordPress dashboard!

We’re talking about powerful data you can use to help your site rank in search engines.

Check out MonsterInsights plugin here.

3. Ubersuggest


If you are looking your keyword ideas, then try out Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a free tool you can use to choose the right keywords by showing you an estimate of search volume, difficulty level, and seasonal trends for each keyword. You’ll also know how expensive a keyword is or how hard it’s going to be rank organically.

You’ll also see who ranks for specific keywords, and who’s spending money for pay-per-click. The data it will provide will also help you determine if it is worth targeting a specific keyword. If all your competition is bidding on specific phrases, it means that you should consider going after the keyword.

4. Google Search Console

google search console

It is very important that you know how search engines see your website. You can do that using Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools). This tool is offered by Google to give publishers a look at how their website is seen by the search engine.

It provides reports and data that can help you understand how different pages on your website are appearing in search results. It shows you the search queries where a page from your website appears in the results and how often it is clicked.

You can see how often your site is crawled, how your pages are indexed, and which keywords are performing best on your site. Google Webmaster Tools will also let you know if there is something wrong with your site such as crawl errors.

This data can help you improve your older articles, write new content, and formulate a content strategy for your website.

Learn how to set up your site in Google Search Console here.

5. SEMRush


SEMRush is a tool that many professionals use to gather analytics and insights from their competitors, to help improve their own SEO.

It allows you to look how your competitors are doing, what keywords they are using, and how well those keywords are performing for them.

Basically, SEMRush is helping you benefit from your competitors. You can get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search. Also, you’ll get to know potential websites where you can get backlinks from.

SEMRush is a must have SEO tool for all internet marketer out there.

6. Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to find broken links on your WordPress site. The cool thing is that, you can then fix those links without even editing your posts. It detects links that don’t work, missing images and redirects, and then notifies you either via the dashboard or by email.

Broken links does not only affects your visitors experience. It can also affect your site’s SEO.

It is a highly useful plugin, and its totally free. The only downside is that it can become resource intensive and may slow down your website. However, other big sites that contain thousands of links found it very useful.

Alternatively, you can just use a third party app such as Check My Link Chrome Extension. This app allows you to check broken links in a page. This is also perfect for link building by checking out other sites’ links.

However, third party apps such as Check My Link, does not provide automatic notification and report, unlike the Broken Link Checker. You still need to manually use it for each of your post.

7. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

rel no follow checkbox

In terms of SEO, each time you link to any page whether its on your own site or an external site, you are transferring SEO points to that page known as link juice.

Link juice is one of the basis of your search engine rank.

If you write a post that has external links to other sites, you probably don’t want to transfer these SEO points. Rel NoFollow Checkbox solves this problem by adding a no-follow checkbox in the insert link section. No-follow attribute instruct search engines to not transfer any link juice from your site to the receiving site.

Wrapping Up

These are the tools that I use to rank my site in search engines. Moreover, understand that time is also a ranking factor. It means that the older your site is, the more that search engines will trust and rank it. Always put valuable content. That is why, I recommend you to use these tools to maximize your SEO efforts.

I suggest you also read my complete SEO checklist guide.

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  1. I manage two blogs, one on WordPress and the other on Blogger. I want to check that Yoast SEO. It does look promising.

  2. Improving organic traffic can sometimes be challenging, but if you apply the correct SEO strategies, the hard work will eventually pay off. Search engine traffic is great because it’s relevant and targeted.

  3. I don’t use WordPress, but a lot of these tools actually have versions for other platforms as well. Google search console is an absolute must, and I’ve had it heard great things about SEM Rush too! Great list!

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