4 Easy Ways To Make Money From A Blog

Let’s be honest.

We all want to earn money from our blog.

Even if we started it just as a hobby, we also want to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

In addition, there are even success stories of people who went from zero to earning up to 6 digits a month just by blogging.

Impossible? No.

But, how did they do it?

The truth is, it’s very easy to monetize a blog especially when you already have a huge following and traffic.

But if you don’t, I suggest you start building your audience first before thinking of monetizing it. (Read this article here on how I easily grow my email list).

There are actually a lot of ways to monetize a blog. But for this article, I’ll show you what I think the easiest and the fastest ways to take advantage of your followers and earn money.

Are you ready? Then let’s hop into it.

Ways To Make Money From A Blog

1. Running Ads

One of the most popular and easy way to make money from a blog is by running advertisements.

How? By using advertising platforms such as Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising platform that acts as a middleman between bloggers and the advertiser. It is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows you to insert a small amount of HTML codes into your site.

After you put the codes, the AdSense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about. They then check their inventory of ads and put related ads onto your content. You then earn a small amount of money if users actually clicked on the ads.

Google takes it from there, tracking your page views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf. There is no maintenance to get this thing going, which makes it a no-brainer if you have a blog already.

If you still don’t have a blog/website yet, check out our step by step guide on starting a blog.

Google AdSense is very easy to set up and you can sign up for a free account.

Keep in mind tho, that your blog needs to be receiving a high amount of traffic every day, to be profitable on this. You may want to read our SEO checklist guide to help you increase your organic reach.

I’m not really a fan of running ads into a blog. Not just because it is not cool, but also ads disfigure your branding. However, there are a stories of bloggers earning thousands of dollars per month just by running ads.

This is really one of the easiest way to monetize your blog, so check this out if you’re interested.

2. Sponsored Posts

You can also make money from your blog by pursuing sponsored posts.

How does this work?

Basically, companies are willing to pay bloggers to promote their products and services. If your blog has a huge following, or gaining a lot of traffic, you can take advantage on this.

You can contact companies in your community or niche, and ask them if they are interested for sponsored posts.

There is really no standard or rate sheet on how much you can charge for a sponsored post. But, here are all the things to take into account when deciding your price:

  • How much time is it going to take you? Planning, photography, research, writing the post and promoting it.
  • Special offers and skills like creating graphics and videos.
  • How many subscribers do you have? What is your average monthly traffic?
  • How influential are you? (This is a really strong selling point when you’re negotiating with brands).
  • How is your social reach?

I suggest you only promote products and services that you already trust and use.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the most popular way of making money from a blog.

In fact, this one is my favorite.

The idea is you promote other people’s product and you earn a commission if people actually ended up buying that product.

You can look for products or services in your niche, and ask that company if they have an affiliate program.

The most popular affiliate programs were Amazon Associates and ClickBank. They have a huge variety of products you can select and promote.

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create a product. You just need a platform to begin selling something as an affiliate (which is in your case, a blog).

I’ve read a lot of success stories about affiliate marketers earning millions of dollars per year.

From zero to little upfront cost, you can get started quickly without much hassle.

It is also very flexible and scalable. You don’t have the limit on what products to sell. As long as it interests you. Your income depends only on your goals.

You may want to check out my ultimate guide on how to become a successful affiliate in 2019. This is the exact blueprint I use earn passive income online.

4. Sell your own stuff

Other than doing affiliate marketing, many bloggers earn money from their blog by selling their own product or service.

Think of a product you can create and sell. It doesn’t have to revolutionary. It just have to be valuable.

This could be a physical product like a book, or digital downloads like eBooks, artwork, music, and more. Some bloggers even offer consulting services.

Just make sure your subscribers will find it helpful and informative.

If you’re using WordPress, WooCommerce is the best plugin for creating an online store. It also the most commonly used eCommerce platform in the world.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways you can earn money from your blog. I ones I covered here were just the tip of an iceberg.

Remember, these are not get rich quick schemes, especially if you don’t have enough followers and traffic. You need to put a lot of effort when creating quality contents to increase your organic reach. You also need a budget if you’re planning of doing paid traffic such as Facebook and Google ads.

If you haven’t set up your email subscription feature yet, you can follow this simple tutorial.

But if you already have an email subscription feature in place, and thinking of growing your mailing list, you may want to read my guide on how to build an email list fast.

That’s it for this post! If you liked this article, please do me a favor and hit that like button below. Also, don’t forget to join our digital nomad group, if you’re interested on learning more about online entrepreneurship.

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